MOBILELOCK™ GPS locator with anti-theft alarm is an innovative, wireless system designed to monitor valuable mobile assets wherever they are located. The Mobilelock unit provides a flexible, portable solution for jobsite security and 24/7 asset management.


Cellular Assisted GPS

The DS600 provides the most accurate aGPS (cellular assisted GPS) location capability, even in impaired environments such as in a building, connex box, trailer, garage, vehicle and within closed packages -all without the use of external antennas.

When you request a locate from a MOBILELOCK it turns on its GPS antenna and then transmits the raw data it receives to one of several PDE’s (Positioning Determining Entity) within the Cellular network.

This allows MOBILELOCK to work where other GPS devices fail.

Complete Portable Alarm System

Monthly service (per device)of $19.95 required (set-up at the time of activation when device is received). Operates in the U.S. only. Includes nationwide Verizon cellular service with no roaming charges, unlimited outbound notifications and use of the website, 5 locate credits per device per month.

Rechargeable: 30+ day runtime per charge
Multiple built-in sensors including: Movement, Vibration, Tilt, Tamper, Temperature, Power Loss and Low Battery
Bluetooth radio that allows Bluetooth (BLE) sensors to be wirelessly paired (sold separately).
Full GPS features including customizable tracking sessions on demand and Geozones

Size: 4.4 in x 3.5 in x 1.3 in
Weight: 9.4 oz.

UV resistant Plastic
Outdoor weatherproof
Crush resistant to >500 lbs. Vibration: Can handle up to 500Hz random vibration 1.25G rms

Operating: -4F – 122F
Storage: -4F to +140F
Humidity: <95% non-condensing

MET Labs, FCC, Verizon

Built in magnets
Mounting holes (#8 clearance)

Temperature (High & Low)
Power Loss
Low Battery

SOUNDS (Customizable)
Siren (85 db at 1 meter). Choice of 3 sounds
Arm/Disarm confirmation
Plug/Unplug from power

Sold Separately
Bluetooth Motion/Temp sensor (DS610)
Bluetooth Door/Temp Sensor (DS620)
Bluetooth Cable Lock/Temp (DS630)
Plug-in Generic Sensor Input (DS520)

Wireless Bluetooth Sensors
A total of 10 BLE sensors can be paired to one DS600 MOBILELOCK and can be placed up to 100 feet away providing full area protection.




Scout is the only anti-theft system to use GPS, cellular, Bluetooth and vibration sensing in a device this small.
In addition to theft protection, Scout also reports speed, heading, and keeps a history of recent locations.
Scout can be hard-wired and hidden in less than 10 minutes on any trailer, equipment, vehicle and more using the included universal adapter.
Scout can also be used to track other vehicles including boats, cars and off-road vehicles – basically anything you want to keep safe.
Scout is easy to hide anywhere on your trailer or vehicle
Create and save custom Alert Zones to specify areas where you want (or do not want) your Scout to be.
Receive immediate notifications if your scout leaves a zone and watch your Scout moving in real-time on the map.
Scout can handle all the mud, water and beatings you can throw at it.
Once your Scout is on the move you can track it on your Android or Apple device in real time.
Scout also remembers its previously tracked locations, so you can view recent trails and related information (such as date & time, speed and more) all via the Scout app.
Scout works with Android, IOS and Windows.
Scout will always have a 100% battery charge as long as iti is connected to a power source.
Scout won’t drain your battery, but if there is ever a loss of power Scout has enough onboard battery capacity to last for several weeks in sleep mode.
All product and service warranty backed by Scout.

SERVICE PLAN REQUIRED – Service Plans are as follow:
$ 19.99 Per Month Cancel Anytime
$ 149.99 1 Year Pre Paid (12.49 per Month)
$ 239.99 2 Years Pre Paid (9.95 per Month)

Activate Your New Scout @ and select the logo

Technical Specs for you/us nerds

Size: 64 x 44 x 14 mm
As shown, without attachments (2.5 x 1.7 x 0.55?)

Weight: 35g (1.23oz)
Lightweight and portable

GSM Cellular Radio
Industry’s lowest-power GSM/HSPA cellular module

Built-in GPS and GPS-A
Utilizes cell towers and server-generated data to estimate position and ensure fast start-up when GPS signal is weak or inaccessible.

Low-Energy controller with proximity sensing

Integrated Accelerometer & Magnetometer
Speed and impact detection via 3 axis accelerometer

Scout’s proprietary industry-best internal antenna

Onboard Data Logging
Real-time data transmission & onboard logging

Rechargeable battery can be charged using supplied wall adapter, or via laptop using supplied USB to micro-USB cable

Water and Impact Resistant
Resists most drops, hits, spills and splashes

Temperature Sensor
Built-in I2C board allowing addition of any customized I2C-compatible sensors for temperature

Ambient Light Sensor
Built-in I2C board allowing addition of any customized I2C-compatible sensors for ambient light

Humidity Sensor
External humidity sensor compatible

Tilt, Vibration & Shock/Motion
Internal accelerometer allows for measurement and reporting of movement of any kind

Output To Platforms
Capability to output data into any existing IoT/M2M software platform or backend ERP platform from SAP, Oracle, etc.

Flexibility to accommodate any battery for any application

Power Consumption
500mAh per hour




Trailer Dog

Trailer Dog Security

Solar Powered Theft Deterrent “G” System
Designed specifically for utility trailers, storage containers, office trailers or tractor trailers.
This unit will sound 2 ear piercing sirens, flash lights and lock electric trailer brakes if any of the sensors detect unauthorized activity.
Each Security System Contains:
• 10″ x 10″ x 4″ Steel Enclosure
• 2 Key Chain Remote Controls
• 2 Heavy Duty Sealed Door Switch
• Integrated Siren
• Exterior Siren
• Solar Panel
• Integrated Adjustable Shock/Vibration Sensor
• Integrated Command Module
• Electronic Trailer Brake Lock
• LED System Status Indicator
• Back-Up Battery (8 AH)
• 2 way cellular communication
• Customized cellular notifications
• Real time GPS tracking and Geo-fencing
• Remote Internet system control
• Activity reports (e.g., speed, stops, timeline, location)







Trucking Security by War-Lok, Equipment Lock Co